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Need this: Planners from Itoi’s company

This is going to be the year, right? This is going to be the year when you finally get your shit together, when you get your life organized and make a mark on this world. This is your breakout year.

All you need are some GTD tools to make it happen, you tell yourself. And it just so happens that Hobonichi, the Japanese company headed by Mother/Earthbound series creator Shigesato Itoi produces a popular planner, and it’s now available in English.

The Hobonichi Planners are like a combination schedule book, diary, notebook, and scrapbook, and they are filled with eclectic quotes and “fun items of interest about Japan and countries around the world.” And come December 31, you can pop the book on your shelf, and pick up the next year’s planner, creating a multi-volume chronicle of your life.

The planners run for around $29, but the fancy leather covers cost $168 — that’s how they get ya. Shipping will set you back another $14 to $17, too. There are also fancy limited edition covers on the Japanese site, and some of them even let you slip in a custom design like the official Mother 3 jacket.

Lindsay Nelson, who helped translate the English edition, has put up some handy instructions for the ordering process.

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