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Keeping it PG in Fire Emblem: Awakening

I had no idea "dastard" was a word until today! This rated-T-for-Teen game isn’t completely without obscenity, as I’ve noticed some “damns” and “arses” while playing a review copy, as well as innuendos about one-night stands.

Other things I noticed when I wasn’t conducting decency checks or shipping unlikely couples:

  • Digital copies will take up 8,579 blocks on your SD card
  • If you buy a digital copy or the limited edition 3DS bundle, you’ll miss out on the really cute cartridge art (presuming the U.S. editions keep the same art as the Japanese carts)
  • You can switch between Japanese and English voices from the opening menu, no matter your progress in the game
  • Marth-y is badass

It’s also super fun! Make sure to get that free eShop demo on Thursday.

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