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Oceanside Arcade (low tide version, Live from The Bug Jar) - The Shortsleeves

Oceanside Arcade (low tide version, Live from The Bug Jar)

The Shortsleeves • BLACK WHITE Tour (Live from The Bug Jar)

"Oceanside Arcade" by The Shortsleeves, one of seven tracks included in the chiptune duo’s new album Black White Tour (Live from The Bug Jar).

This is the same song that played so many years ago when you were at the beach with your girlfriend, and she broke up with you because you wasted too much of the summer playing Street Fighter II: Champion Edition while training for an upcoming tournament.

As she walked away, you watched the sun set and let a single tear roll down your cheek because you knew it was true — your love wasn’t meant to be, at least not while you still had trouble pulling off Zangief’s spinning piledriver consistently. Once that tear dried and the sun faded from view, you called your mom to pick you up.

It would have been the worst summer ever, but when you won first place in that tournament and held that trophy up, she came up to hug you and tell you she believed in you the entire time but didn’t want to distract you from winning.

You can stream this song from your past and the rest of the new Shortsleeves album here. If you like it enough to want to buy it — which you will — the whole thing is just $5 to download. And if you want it for free, we’re giving away two copies! Just let us know in the comments what your favorite kinds of chiptunes are, and we’ll pick a couple random winners this weekend!

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