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Stop it, Iwata. Stop being so adorable.

I don’t care if the Wii U never takes off, if Nintendo never returns to the financial glory it enjoyed during the Wii and DS era — the company can’t get rid of this man. The game (industry) needs him.

These pics come from the Nintendo president and CEO’s latest session of Iwata Asks for the Google-powered Wii Street U app coming to Wii U:

Kawai: It has fifteen cameras of five megapixels each, and if you put the images together into a panorama later, you get a Street View photo with 75 megapixels. … Would you like to try carrying it on your back?

Iwata: Huh? Can I? Okay, I’ll put it on. (laughs) (standing up) How much does this weigh?

Kawai: It’s about 40 pounds, so about 18 kilograms.

Iwata: If you’ll pardon me… Umph! …This is now “Iwata Carrys”. Like this?

What is this life. Here’s Wii Street U in action.

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