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1up Show Theme Orchestra - Chris Tilton

1up Show Theme Orchestra

Chris Tilton • 1up Show Theme

♫ Wanna stay home and play all my video games ♫

More than a few of us — peeps that came up in the game blogging scene during the mid-to-late aughties — modeled our voices, our steez if you will, after the cats putting in work at 1UP and its trendsetting shows.

Even as layoffs and game companies picked its staff clean, Jeremy Parish and his skeleton crew managed to make great things with barebones resources. Plus, they called Tiny Cartridge one of the 101 Best Video Game Sites, and invited JC to take part in an episode of Retronauts!

So, it’s awful to hear that Ziff Davis/1UP is shutting down 1UP and laying off most of its team. :o( I’ll be spending the rest of this afternoon listening to these old 1UP Show theme arrangements I downloaded years ago and kept for some reason.

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