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i fought the DAW and the DAW won - Meerenai Shim

i fought the DAW and the DAW won

Meerenai Shim • The Art of Noise

Meerenai Shim’s flute and Matthew Joseph Payne's Game Boy work together beyond every single one of my expectations. This is the first of three tracks on Meerenai's new album The Art of Noise that combine these Game Boy and flute seamlessly and beautifully. The rest of the album includes equally stunning flute, percussion, piano, and cello segments.

Meerenai was gracious enough to extend a 50 percent discount code exclusive to Tiny Cartridge readers for the physical CD of The Art of Noise. To use it, when you select an option to buy, select the CD version and, when prompted, use the code “superbleepingawesomeness” to get a $5 CD AND the download. That’s CHEAPER than the download itself. The code is only valid during the preorder period up until April 5th.

You can also nab JUST the Game Boy/flute parts of the album on vinyl from the Bandcamp page.

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