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Flipnote Studio 3D on the way

The 3DS successor to popular DSi animation software Flipnote Studio will finally release in North America and Japan (probably Europe, too) this summer as a free download.

Flipnote Studio 3D will feature GIF and AVI exporting support, three layers and six colors to draw with, and a “Flipnote Gallery: Friends” for commenting, rating, and downloading friends’ animations.

The eShop app will also have a “Flipnote Gallery: World” service with community features that aren’t limited to your friends, but it will require a small monthly fee. Nintendo will offer a 30-day free trial, waive the fee for users with high-rating animations, and let everyone access the service for free during certain hours.

Bad news for those of you who refuse to buy 3DSes or are stuck with a DSi for whatever reason — Nintendo will shut down the original Flipnote Studio’s community services at the end of May.

You can watch the Mini Nintendo Direct for Flipnote Studio 3D here. H3DS has more GIFs ripped from the video.

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