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Another Etrian Odyssey coming to 3DS

Though Etrian Odyssey IV just released in the U.S., Atlus is already preparing to release some kind of 3DS spin-off or remake in Japan on June 27, according to the latest issue of Famitsu.

The title is something along the lines of Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl, and early reports on NeoGAF claim it’s a remake of the first game with “expanded story scenario [and] voice acting”:

"Definitely a new direction for EO. The graphics and presentation looks the same, pretty much like EO4, except it no longer looks like a ‘create your own party from the start and just explore’ dungeon crawler. Instead there’s a main character who you can name (he is voiced in story scenes), and there’s a full story where you meet other characters, and they join your party like a story RPG. All the characters appear to be voiced.

The storyline is based on EO1, but there are a ton of changes. The story starts with the main character running into a mysterious girl. The main character is a young man from the Highlands, doing some job for the guild office in Etria, and the girl he runs into is Frederica Irving, who appears to have lost her memory. Her character design has her holding a gun too.”

Atlus sure likes porting/remaking its DS games to 3DS (e.g. Devil Survivor 2: Break Record)! 

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