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Mario AR card eShop point cards

Well, this is the best idea. Nintendo’s new eShop point cards are also AR cards, with new Mario, Goomba, and Peach 3D models for you to pose in your 3DS photos. There’s a new photo app, Photo Together Super Mario, that lets you pose these in different ways, with effects. There is also a ¥1000 Koopa, ¥2000 Luigi, and ¥3000 Bowser card to collect.

What a clever way to get people interested in checking out the eShop. Japan seems very strongly retail-oriented, so point cards are probably the best way to get people to buy stuff online.

This came out of a mini Nintendo Direct overnight (surprise!) all about eShop stuff. Other than this, though, it covered Dillon’s Rolling Western 2 and Freakyforms Deluxe, nbd.

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