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I choose you, dad: Letters to an absent father

Artist Maré Odomo posted a set of touching Pokémon-themed comics titled Letters to an Absent Father. The strips focus on the anime series’s hero, Ash Ketchum, as he writes brief but heartbreaking notes to his estranged dad.

Though his father was referenced in the show’s second episode and suggested to be a Pokémon trainer, he never appears on the program, and it’s assumed he has little to no contact with his son (if he’s not dead, that is).

You can see two more strips from the series after the break. As usual, click the images for larger versions.

This reminds me of a kinda depressing, kinda funny article I did several years ago on a fake game called NintenDadz. A lot of people hated me for that post, but it was based on my own experiences growing up without a father.

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