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Korg M01D for 3DS

Detune, Ltd. is still doing Korg emulators for Nintendo handhelds! Because Detune is very, very cool.

Korg M01D is an updated 3DS version of the Korg M01 software for DS, which emulates the Korg M1, a thing that someone who knows something about music might recognize.

"The song data and MIDI data can be saved to an SD card so the KORG M01D can be used as a sketchpad. You can preserve all of your musical ideas which can be later converted to your DAW system for more serious music production. In addition, anyone can exchange song data using Nintendo 3DS Wi-Fi via the Internet."

I bought Korg DS-10 back in the day, and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. But it was really neat! This one is due on the eShop “worldwide” this summer.

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  • Source detune.co.jp

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