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MapleStory DSi bundle, Girls Generation commercials, and piracy in Korea

While we’re enjoying the Nintendo DSi XL and speculation about the Nintendo 3DS in the States, South Korea won’t receive the standard Nintendo DSi until April 15th, when it releases there in White, Black, Blue, and Pink.

To make sure the system’s launch is a hit, Nintendo and Nexon are releasing a DS adaptation of super-popular Korean MMO MapleStory at the same time. Check out the rad limited edition red DSi bundle above!

Now, as my friend Nick Rumas pointed out, piracy, especially for the Nintendo DS, is ubiquitous in the country, so much so that I don’t believe Nexon would have spent money developing MapleStory DS if it wasn’t a joint venture with Nintendo of Korea.

With so much riding on this DSi/MapleStory launch and with the popularity of flascharts in Korea, I wonder if Nintendo will take this opportunity to introduce a DSi firmware update with new flashcart countermeasures? It seems unlikely, considering the recently launched DSi XL in Japan, Europe, and North America uses the same 1.4 firmware that’s easily circumvented by current flashcarts, but it’s a possibility homebrew fans should keep in mind.

Oh, and Nintendo of Korea also revealed a campaign with Korean pop group Girls’ Generation to promote the DSi with a couple commercials, which we have here:

Unless you’re crazy about Girls’ Generation or Korean ladies, the videos aren’t too interesting if you already know all about the DSi’s camera features.

I wanted to mention it here, though, because it gives me another opportunity to bring up this funny Girls’ Generation commercial promoting Samyang Ramen with a song and dance inspired by the Bubble Bobble theme!:

Very catchy tune!

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