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My Famicase Exhibition 2013 entries

Meteor, our favorite video game shop in Tokyo, began hosting its annual Famicase gallery last week, displaying nearly 90 Famicom cartridges for fake games dreamt up by artists. It looks like more Western artists than usual participated this year, and judging by the messages we received, a lot of our readers heard about the show from our posts and participated! Congratulations! You might remember that we had our own piece featured by Famicase not too long ago.

I’ve picked out my favorites from 2013’s submissions for the images above. Yuko Yano’s Cat Takes The Breakfast sounds like a game idea JC and I kicked around back in the day — the goal in Yano’s imaginary game is to wake up your master to serve you breakfast. ExedStarSoldius曼蛇Xevi ForceZone 頭脳BeeType is also neat, mashing together of a dozen shmups.

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