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No more same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Collection

Nintendo is patching the bug in its Japan-only 3DS game Tomodachi Collection: New Life that allowed two male characters to date, marry and even procreate. The company’s Google Translated announcement describes the bug as “Human relationship is funny.”

The update also fixes problems users might have booting up the game, saving the game, and other issues. It’s unclear if those problems are related to the same-sex glitch, but that likely won’t appease those who hoped Nintendo would overlook the bug — or would allow female characters to have the same rights.

As NetBuff insightfully pointed out, “By fixing this bug, they are actively calling attention to the fact that Nintendo released a ‘life simulator’ game in 2013 that doesn’t take homosexuality into account.”

Shout outs to NintenDaan for making most of these images for us!

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