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This custom Twin Famicom looks sharp

I’ll typically take matte surfaces over gloss for my consoles all day errday, but this commissioned paintjob by Zoki64 is foine.

Type of system that turns heads as it walks by, a glance and a smile thrown over her shoulder when she catches you gawking. Type of system you bring over to show off to your friends, only to have them talk behind your back about how she’s way out of your league and comment, “I’m not even sure what she’s doing with him/her.”

Type of system next-gen consoles hide their men/women from, knowing she could steal away their partners with minimal effort, on some ol’ Jolene shit. Like, damn, custom Twin Famicom, don’t do’em like that. Don’t break Xbone’s heart after all it’s gone through to find happiness, just because you can.

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  • Source zoki64.deviantart.com

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