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Stop everything. New Game Center CX game!

Before you take your shirt off, twist it ‘round your head, and spin it like a helicopter, things to note from the announcement tweeted above:

  • This announcement comes from G.rev, not IndiesZero, which developed the first two Game Center CX releases on DS.
  • We don’t know the platform yet. G.rev, however, has put out a single 3DS game: Kokuga, the shoot’em up that released in Japan last year and is possibly headed to the West. Apparently it’s for 3DS?
  • G.rev is mostly known for putting out shmups (Senko no Ronde, Under Defeat).
  • Even if it does release for 3DS, there’s little guarantee it will come to the West. And the 3DS, as you might remember, is region-locked.

Yeah, so you might want to leave your shirt on. More details will be disclosed in the next new episode of Game Center CX. Thanks to Meeceace for the GIF.

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