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Important Game Center CX news!

So Arino and the Game Center CX staff held a 10th anniversary press conference, which you can see translated above. They announced a number of items, including a GCCX feature film, a soundtrack release for July, and an upcoming visit to Paris’s Japan Expo next month (which will be used for another overseas episode!).

I wouldn’t be surprised if this video is taken down soon, so I’ll go over the two big items from the video here.

New details about GCCX/Retro Game Challenge 3DS:

  • Bandai Namco aims to publish it this winter in Japan, though there’s no guarantee it will release this year.
  • It’s developed by G.Rev — yes, that G.Rev (Senke no Ronde) — not by IndiesZero, which made the last two GCCX games.
  • This won’t be a strict shoot’em up! The concept should stay the same, “featuring the kind of Famicom-style games” past GCCX releases have offered.
  • GCCX for 3DS will include shoot’em ups, though, of course, since that’s what G.Rev is known for.

The Game Center CX movie:

  • This will debut in Japan in early spring 2014.
  • There are few details about the plot, though Arino is expected to take on the role of the Kacho, taking on game-related challenges as he does on the show, along with other elements mixed in.
  • "We really want to make a movie for the fans of our show, the people in their 30s-40s who love the Famicom."
  • "If I had to make a catch phrase for the movie, now, it would be ‘We want to make a movie like Always - Sunset on Third Street' for Famicom fans.”

Amazing things are happening in the world right now.

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