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Mother of God, new StreetPass games and Mii outfits

You should be able to download a firmware update to your 3DS (v6.0.0-11) today — along with the usual stability fixes and flashcart blocking, it allows you to now back up saves for digital games and 3DS Virtual Console titles from the main menu. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are supported.

But the big news is that, at least in Europe and Japan right now, the new firmware allows you to update Mii Plaza with a shop that sells four games for €5 (around $7) each, or €15 ($20) for all of them:

  • StreetPass Squad (Shoot’em up-style game using Miis as upgrades)
  • StreetPass Garden (Move into a house, grow flowers, and decorate a garden)
  • StreetPass Battle (Strategy game, build a StreetPass army and conquer the world)
  • StreetPass Mansion (Solve a paranormal mystery in a haunted house)

You can get new hats (like a Pixel Mario cap) and even outfits as rewards from the game, according to Cosmonaut X’s notesThe app appears to be crashing a bit, according to a few reports — hopefully that’s fixed for when this releases in the U.S.?

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