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Get New Leaf’s Best Buy DLC without leaving home

Best Buy has a set of exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf items you can grab via StreetPass if you visit the retailer’s locations. Not everyone has a Best Buy nearby (and not everyone wants to visit the store), though, so here’s a workaround posted by Link.

You’ll need to do some fiddling with your router:

  1. Change the SSID on your router to “Bestbuy” — this is case sensitive, so make sure it looks just like that without the quotes (you can also use tethering on your cell phone)
  2. Make sure you can connect to it via your wifi settings
  3. You should get an indicator on your 3DS homescreen signaling that you’re connected to a Nintendo Zone
  4. You do NOT need to load up Nintendo Zone; simply boot up New Leaf, go to the post office, and ask Pelly for your present to grab the DLC

And repeat every other week until August! Thanks to Animekatt for the screenshot of the Raccoon Wall-clock.

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