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Neat Animal Crossing: New Leaf glitches

Had no idea any of this was possible! Warningjab claims a couple Japanese friends introduced these tricks to him. In the first image, they were able to swim around in the river by “[clipping] through into the river via pitfall seed.”

And in the second shot, there’s an angle can you approach the train station with a net that allows you to clip through and get onto the train tracks.

Here are a few more glitches that show how you can jump on top of your house, leap off the waterfall, walk off the visible part of your town, and roam around the black parts of the screen when you’re inside a house:

[Update: ShugoTakahashi mentions in the comments below that a lot of the glitches in the Japanese video have since been patched. Oh well, at least we still have the ones Warningjab demonstrated!]

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