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Anti-flashcart DSi update released, defeated

Nintendo has put out a new 1.4.2 update for DSi models, and while it’s unclear if the new firmware adds any new functionality to the system (e.g. DSiWare migration), many report this release blocks several popular flashcarts.

Scoffing at these new anti-piracy countermeasures, at least one flashcart manufacturer, R4iDSN claims to have found a workaround and will release an update for its device this week. Expect other teams to follow with similar news.

Those of you using compatible flashcarts with your 3DS for pirated games, homebrew, or whatevs, it’s likely that Nintendo will attempt to block your device with these new protections, too, when it releases the system’s much anticipated eShop update later this month.

So, if you want the web browser, DSiWare migration, and a free 3D Classics copy of Excitebike (or whatever Nintendo of America throws in for 3DS owners here), you’ll need to install the future update to your 3DS.

NIntendo will hold a developer conference next week, where it will discuss the 3DS’s anti-piracy features, the new eShop, online matchmaking, apps, and other important topics — it would be great if some of that info was made public afterward!

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