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Pond Smelt: Animal Crossing doujinshi from Jane Mai

Awesome artist Jane Mai has a very promising “Animal Crossy" book on the way, if you’re into imagining lives and experiences with your New Leaf neighbors beyond the confines of the game’s scripted dialogue.

It’s published by Peow Studio and will ship early July. You can preorder Pond Smelt online for 100 Swedish krona, which I’m told is around $15 (shipping worldwide included) — expensive, but I can already tell from these preview pages that this book right here, right now, right here, this is my shit. Plus it comes with a “special surprise present.”

You can also check out some of Jane’s comics online for free here, and buy more of her excellent zines here.

Oh, and have I mentioned yet that wolves (especially those that are named Fang) are the best Animal Crossing neighbors?

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