Tiny Cartridge 3DS

A Tiny Cartridge shirt! For Animal Crossing: New Leaf

How will your neighbors know you’re a cool person who likes video game Tumblrs if you don’t own a tee that makes it clear? This is the shirt that will set the record straight, the one that will convince them you’re a hip mayor.

This is the look that will make Phyllis at the Post Office regret the day she spurned your advances. Who does she think she is, laughing in your face when you asked if she wanted to go dancing after her shift. Let’s see her laugh when you walk in wearing this shirt and maybe that red Pikmin hat you won at the T&T Mart. You can’t wait to see that stupid, fake smile of hers disappear when she sees you with a Nintendo DS Catridge on your chest.

Thanks for making the shirt, Olga!

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