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Another peaceful day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Credit to Igor for the comic, which perfectly captures the scene that played out for most people when they toured their town today.

While they’re super annoying for a lot of people, Jeremy Parish has a great piece on how July’s cicadas helped him fall in love with the game:

New Leaf offers a tiny way to surround myself with the ephemera of bygone times, and not with the strained pop culture references or other contrivances so many other forms of entertainment lean on. Rather, it simply creates a context, a backdrop that hooks into my memories and sends my mind reeling backward with the same sensual purity that I experience when I taste strawberry-rhubarb jam (though it’s never as good as the stuff my grandmother made for us with the berries and rhubarb she grew in her garden) or get a whiff of someone wearing the perfume my other grandmother used daily.

The susurrant buzz of New Leaf's imaginary insects can't truly take me back in time, but they evoke something inside me that I find almost inexplicably profound. And most of all, these new experiences are as fleeting as the original memories in their own way; Animal Crossing runs on a real-time clock, and before long the seasons will change. The cicadas will vanish again for a year.”

Read the full thing, sentimental gamers.

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