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The woman behind Love Plus's girlfriends — I'm 90 percent sure that's a woman, at least (hard to tell with that hat). And while Konami hasn't specified if it used a single actress or several motion capture models to create animations for its virtual girls, I'm guessing they used just this one.

So, in a way, all those gamers who found themselves captivated by Nene, Rinko, and Manaka’s feminine charms and movements actually fell in love with this woman. She looks a bit older than the schoolgirls in Love Plus! I wonder if a bunch of dudes will dump their virtual girlfriends now because they lied about their age?

I bet this lady was a bit flattered when that guy married one of her virtual counterparts a few months ago. Or, you know, maybe she was like the rest of us: totally creeped out.

Import Your Own Mocap Model: Love Plus

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[Via Game Watch]

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