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Pastagames’ Pix’n Love Rush

Pix’n Love Rush for iPhone. If the aesthetic and character art here look familiar to you, it’s because you’ve seen it before, in Arkedo/Pastagames’s Xbox Live Indie Games adorable release  03 Pixel!

Maestro developer Pastagames worked with awesome-looking French zine Pix’n Love, using the look and the cat from that Xbox game to make this miniature platformer, which the studio’s Fabien Delpiano called “a short, nervous, ristretto version of a platformer, a sort of cross-over between Mario and WarioWare, with a pinch of Galaxian and a hint of Game & Watch”.

Despite the visual similarity, Rush is assuredly not an iPhone version of Pixel. “Both games share the ‘big pixels’ look, and the ‘platformer’ gameplay,” Delpiano told us.

"And that’s basically the end of the similarities. No puzzle, no zoom into the pixels, no adventure. We took out all the gameplay that required a real pad, and added more rush and arcade, in order to make the game fun for 5/10 minute sessions. It’s a score game."

The game involves just running left and right, shooting, and collecting coins in a series of 125 randomly assorted levels in Time Attack Mode. There’s also something with longer sessions called “God of the Infinite Mode.”

I’m thrilled to see the cool “transparent giant pixels on black” look of 03 Pixel come to a system I have. If you’d like to see more, 1UP’s The Tilt posted some screenshots, and issue 12 of Pix’n Love has an interview with Pastagames as well, if you have access to that and can read French. Unfortunately, there’s no price or date info about the game yet.

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