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Senran Kagura Burst coming to U.S. eShop

If you follow us on Twitter, you would’ve caught our speculation last night about Xseed bringing this brawdy series to the U.S. Well, we now know the niche game publisher plans to bring the second 3DS game to North America’s eShop this fall, dropping in English text but leaving the Japanese voices.

Tamsoft’s Senran Kagura games are side-scrolling beat’em ups starring buxom high school ninjas. From what I hear, they’re competent combo-heavy brawlers, but most people tend to overlook that due to whole girls-losing-their-clothes-as-they-take-damage deal.

So it’s not the best import that the publisher could have brought over, but don’t worry, guys, Xseed is just picking up some cash and using this as an experiment for when it localizes Game Center CX 3. For real this time.

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