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Nintendo Direct shenanigans

Some very important things transpired during this morning’s trio of Nintendo Direct streams. None of those important things are in this post. Here’s what we have, though, for those of you who weren’t paying close attention to the presentations or couldn’t watch all of them simultaneously:

  1. Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata dressed up as a samurai warrior to discuss Nobunaga’s Ambition 3DS
  2. Isabelle served as a co-host for Nintendo Direct, which she should do for every one of these in the future
  3. Iwata loves flowers (via @keanerie)
  4. Nintendo of Europe preseident Satoru Shibata dressed up as Phoenix Wright (via @slimegirl_)

We also met Erik Petersen, who I’m sure has already pushed himself into the star role of several slash fiction stories about Nintendo Treehouse’s male localization staff currently in progress.

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