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Homebrew DS game played on DSi.

Yasu, the same programmer who was able to run unofficial code on the DSi despite Nintendo’s anti-piracy measures, has put up a video showing the new handheld playing Pop’n DS, a rhythm title based on Konami’s Bemani series.

It’s not clear whether he’s running the homemade game through a flashcart or an SD card, but some claim that Yasu is using a “save game exploit,” which Nintendo could potentially patch with future firmware upgrades.

There are supposedly three known save game exploits, all of which can play homebrew games and applications, but not commercial titles. Several groups are actively searching for more possible exploits.

I’ve been meaning to write about Pop’n DS for a while, as it’s great stuff, but I kept forgetting to! You can download the game from Yasu’s Japanese site to play it on a Nintendo DS Lite/Phat.

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