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2D fighter Yatagarasu jumps from 3DS to PS Vita ⊟

Remember how Nicalis was going to bring Yatagarasu, that new and original 2D PC fighter from a few ex-King of Fighters/SNK developers, to the 3DS eShop? Yeah, scrap that, the publisher now plans to release it to PS Vita via PSN under the name Legend of Raven later this year.

It really is a shame — I played the PS Vita version at E3, and it was really fun, and the animations/sprites looked superb (it’s hard for anything to look bad on that system’s screen, though). I asked Nicalis head Tyrone Rodriguez what spurred the change, and he said it just made more sense considering the PS Vita’s hardware and community.

This news comes shortly after Nicalis announced The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for PS Vita. Team Meat’s game was supposed to come to 3DS before, but there were issues on Nintendo’s end due to “questionable religious content” (though the publisher claims there’s still a chance the game will come to 3DS). That doesn’t mean Nicalis has abandoned Nintendo systems, however — it still has Aban Hawkins & the 1001 Spikes and other projects on the way.

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