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What is going on with the Professor Layton series ⊟

The next Professor Layton entry will release for 3DS, iOS, and Android, and it looks nothing like previous games. At its press event this morning, Level-5 announced that Layton 7 will take the series in a new direction. According to Duckroll’s translation, the new title offers a role-playing puzzle game in a miniature 3D city where you control various characters.

[Update: Some have noted that this might not be a mainline entry, and that the 7 in its title might refer to the number of characters you can play as.]

If this turns out awful, the smartphone versions will likely catch all the flak when people look for what went wrong. I’m already disappointed this looks like a generic 3D iOS/social game rather than something like, say, London Life.

Thanks, mobile gaming.

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