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Not a joke, not a mock-up: Nintendo 2DS ⊟

Coming out in North America this October 12 (alongside Pokemon X/Y) for $129.99, available in Red and Blue. It’s meant to be a cheaper, non-3D alternative to the 3DS and 3DS XL, while still playing games from their libraries. The system will be compatible with all 3DS and DS games, and will still be able to take and share 3D photos.

To get that cheap price, Nintendo made noticeable concessions in the system design, like having only a single speaker (you can still get stereo sound if you plug in headphones). Oddly, the 2DS uses a single display — it looks like two due to how they’re framed by the casing — so it’s one big touchscreen, though it only supports touch on the bottom display at the moment.

This model also won’t fold — it has a fixed, slate-type form factor, and a slider for putting it in sleep mode. Nintendo will put out Red and Blue cases for $12.99 each, since your old cases won’t work with this somewhat square design. Credits to USGamer and Kotaku for additional details.

The 2DS is also coming to Europe, but there are no announced plans for a Japanese release. Watch an intro video for the Nintendo 2DS here.

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