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Paper Mario, Uncle Scrooge, & more in Spelunky

Besides its Daily Challenges feature, one of the bonuses of the PC version for Spelunky HD that’s not in the PSN editions is the ability to mod the game. Here you can see several edits people made to play as Mario, Pauline, and even Uncle Scrooge. They’ve also skinned the stages and swapped out the damsels you can rescue. You can see and grab these mods from BoogieLove, Headbox, and Radioduke at the Spelunky forums.

Have I mentioned how jealous I am that the PS Vita version doesn’t have Daily Challenges? Apparently Spelunky creator Derek Yu says it’s a possibility that the PSN versions will receive it somehow, and that he intends to discuss the matter with BlitWorks (the studio that ported Spelunky to PSN). There’s no guarantee that anything will come out of those talks, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for that update, but at least there’s hope.

While we’re talking about Spelunky and Nintendo-themed mods, someone used a hack and finally found a use for the Kid Icarus-esque eggplant item. This seems impossible to pull off without cheating.

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