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TinyCast 005 - Underground Games - Tiny Cartridge

TinyCast 005 - Underground Games

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In this latest podcast episode, the Tiny Cartridge team previews 3DS games played at Germany’s Gamescom show, including Pokemon X/Y, Sonic Lost World, and more. We also sing the praises of two recent downloadable games, SteamWorld Dig and Spelunky, and discuss the recent awesomeness of the PS Vita.

Find out which 3DS title was worse than Sonic Lost World at Gamescom, what you should do before deciding to play Spelunky in bed, and how you can unlock the mysteries of PS Vita’s Near feature (maybe not)! By the way, um, we recorded this before the 2DS was announced… Sorry about that.

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Episode notes:

Music featured in the episode:

  • Yellow Construction Box - Rhythm Tengoku Gold
  • H Stage - Yoshi Touch and Go!
  • Menu - Undertale (Demo)
  • Mines Egg - Spelunky!
  • Heartache - Undertale (Demo)

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