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Trust me, put an iPad Mini and a 3DS on a table next to each other, and most kids today will reach, if not jump, for the iPad. If you don’t see that as an existential threat for Nintendo, there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind.

A Nintendo that doesn’t make games for iOS is a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids; a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids is a Nintendo with no future.

Nintendo doomsaying from John Gruber ⊟

I alluded to the tech press’ recent pessimistic pieces on the Nintendo 2DS and its maker in Thursday’s silly GIF sethere’s a sample of the articles that’ve popped up from people like prominent Apple blogger Gruber.

People really want to see Nintendo making games for iOS! So much so that many are committed to this narrative that the company can’t survive if it doesn’t. Despite the authoritative tone of Gruber’s statement, I don’t believe he has a complete grasp on the state of gaming handhelds (he still thinks 3DS games cannot receive patches or DLC updates, and he believed the PSP was the all-time best-selling portable game console until recently). Luke Mathis comes off as a bit more informed in his counterpoint pieces.

Anyway, this has been your quarterly reminder that people are still convinced that handhelds are dying, ya fricks.

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