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Lilt Line Too coming to iOS and maybe Vita ⊟

Developer Different Cloth is returning to its rhythm game roots with a sequel to Lilt Line, the game about tilting to thread a line through bumpy, brightly colored tunnels to the beat of original music.

While the original was released on WiiWare (by Gaijin Games!) and iOS, Lilt Line Too is intended for handhelds from the beginning, with an iOS release planned and Android and PlayStation Vita versions a possibility. The Kickstarter seeks  £15,000 to make the iOS version a reality; I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it on that Vita screen. The new game features original music by ill.gates, and, judging by the screens, some crazy perspective shifts.

I was a huge Lilt Line fan, so I couldn’t resist asking creator Gordon Midwood a few questions about this sequel.

Tiny Cartridge: First, why target handhelds/mobile for this one?

Gordon Midwood, Different Cloth: Handhelds are the perfect platform for lilt line too!, which is an adrenaline enthused tilt and tap bass-based musical extravaganza!

Straight in there pushing the game, did you like that? :)

Also, having been away for a while, It feels like handhelds are my natural home as well. The barriers to entry are much lower and the opportunities to make short form games are much greater.  Plus everyone has a smartphone so everyone can — potentially! — play lilt line too!

How do you describe it for someone who never played Lilt Line?

Imagine waking up from a coma that has lasted for twenty years, grating a lemon and immediately rubbing the zest against your genitals whilst dancing to a 5/4 time signature.

Feels exhilarating, fresh and vaguely musical, doesn’t it?

How do you plan to grab more people with this one? (Ed. note: Midwood has been up front about the disappointing sales of the first game)

The whole experience has been turned up to a Doritos and Mountain Dew level of stimulation. 

The visuals, the 3D, the new game modes, the multiplayer should all interest a wider spectrum of people. That is if people come in wide spectrums, which I’m pretty sure they do. 

In it’s essence though the game is about feeling, seeing and experiencing music in a whole new way — synesthesia! I think people are more open to that kind of experience than they were just a few years ago.

And the music - wow! ill.gates talent knows no bounds , his tunes are so varied and intelligent that the soundtrack alone will make for a whole new level of experience!

For more Lilt Line, check out… well, Lilt Line. Go get it on iOS or WiiWare. When was the last time you went and downloaded a WiiWare game? Relive the experience now!

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