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Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land

Now that Rune Factory 4 is out of the way (in Japan and North America at least — Europe gets it early next year), Marvelous AQL can bring out the next 3DS farming/life sim it has waiting in line.

Famitsu posted these screenshots, and if the monkeys seem out-of-place to you, they’re part of a new Safari you can visit. The area is filled with wild animals like Angora rabbits, reindeer, and parrots that you can take care off, with more creatures popping up as you progress through the story. The game is said to have twice the amount of animals as previous entries.

As for the meaning of the Connect to a New Land subtitle, producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto explained in an interview translated by Siliconera, “The upcoming title will be compatible with the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass and Wi-Fi features, which will be used to trade various information with friends, and also to visit their ranches.”

You’ll also be able to access a Trade Station allowing you to buy and sell crops with other countries (you start off with access to only one trade partner/country). “When players ship goods they’ll get different reactions depending on the country’s preferences,” he added. “For example, a certain good might get a pleasant reaction from one country, but it might get a normal reaction from another. There will also be some moments where the goods you’re trading start to trend.”

Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land releases in Japan next February.

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