Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Dope situation: Mini Game Boy arcade cabinet. Chinese modder XCKDIY chopped up a Game Boy, replaced the directional pad with a small joystick, and housed it all in a Pokemon-decorated cabinet.

There are several obvious flaws with the design:

  • A portion of the screen is likely blocked from your view by the joystick
  • You might not like the junk cabinet art
  • The control panel is unflattering, as it’s just the Game Boy’s midsection sawed off and tilted
  • This could really use a backlight mod, just to give it a brighter screen

If you can look past those failings, though, it’s a neat mod. Someone named PS9, who may or may not be XCKDIY, is selling 10 of these through eBay for $149.99 each. S/he warns that 20 business days are required to build the mod, and another 20 days are needed to ship it.

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[Via Rob]

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