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For your consideration: Milon’s Secret Castle ⊟

All right, I’m not the biggest fan of this particular game – it’s super obtuse in that early-NES way, where everything you need to do is totally hidden.

But the point is that it, like Star Soldier last week, is a Hudson game published on 3DS eShop by Konami. I’m not usually someone who supports retail advocacy (not having any budget of my own!) but if you’re at all interested in either game, I want to give you that little push.

Konami doesn’t seem to do much with the Hudson catalog these days, and the Hudson catalog is tremendously important to me! So any time it deigns to release a Hudson game, I want to offer my encouragement. My dream is for the Turbografx catalog to be ported to the 3DS VC. I have a couple games on my Vita, but it’s not enough.

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