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Tiny Review: Utsusu! Made in Wario

A new WarioWare game! Albeit, a downloadable one with only a fraction of the usual amount of microgames (I wasn’t counting, but there are around two dozen).

Three details that are fab:

  1. Goofy microgames, like playing peek-a-boo with a baby and waving at a schoolgirl.
  2. After finishing a microgame set, you’ll see a slideshow of your captured movements paired with comic elements inserted by the game. The title screen will also now show clips of you acting like a damn fool, behind the logo.
  3. There’s a little game that you can play in the credits, in which you tilt your head to pilot a space creature, collecting names while avoiding aliens.

Three details that are butt:

  1. You need VERY specific lighting conditions to get the microgames to work at all. I tried six different setups, and I’m still not sure why some might have worked better than others. I imagine many people are having trouble getting the microgames to load.
  2. I was able to win some sort of comic that featured me as a main character! Unfortunately, I’m not sure what’s going in the comic because it’s in Japanese.
  3. My cat scratched me when I tried to hold him up in front of the DSi’s camera, so he could play along in the multiplayer games.


  • My cat, Hemingway, sitting like a human.

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