Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Streaming videos available on Japan’s eShop. So far, the only clumsy option we have for viewing videos from North America’s eShop is downloading a limited selection of E3 clips (and one movie trailer), then exiting the app to watch them — to delete those videos, we have to go through the Data Management menus in System Settings.

In Japan, though, 3DS owners can just stream game trailers (Wii and DS/3DS), Game Center CX episodes,  and other content. I hear Europe also has streaming videos, too, though their selection is even more limited, and they don’t even have the 3D E3 trailers yet.

While I know Nintendo is committed to having its “eShop managers” offer different experiences for their regions, it’s disappointing to see Western gamers getting second-class treatment on the company’s download service again.

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[Via Nintendo World Report]

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