Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Custom Zero Suit Samus Pinky Street figure by Donald “KodyKoala” Kennedy. This will go well with his custom Princess Daisy Pinky Street model he created last month!

Pinky Street, in case you’ve never heard of them, are plastic Japanese figures about 4” tall featuring a wide range of interchangeable parts (e.g. heads, hair, accessories, etc.). KodyKoala carved this Zero Suit Samus out of another figure, which is why it looks likes it’s leaning back a little.

Speaking of Metroid, Nintendo updated its Japanese site for Other M with new screenshots, a short clip of Samus’s ship flying around, and orchestral arrangements by Kuniaki Haishima for the original Metroid and Super Metroid themes (playing in the background).

Preorder: Metroid: Other M

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[Via Kodykoala, Siliconera]

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