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Auction for Itoi-signed Earthbound cart ⊟

As part of its “Earthbound Bash” charity event, Fangamer is auctioning off this unique Earthbound cartridge signed by creator Shigesato Itoi.

"The cartridge originally belonged to James Hensiek, who gave it to his coworker Ben Bizzle as a gift. When James was later diagnosed with cancer, Ben decided to auction the cart and donate the proceeds to James.

Ben reached out to the community with his story in late 2012 with a post on the Starmen.Net Forum. After several months of calls, emails, logistics, and help from Lindsay Nelson, the cart was handed off to the staff at Fangamer and then passed along to Hobonichithe office of EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi.”

The cart, part of a complete Earthbound package, will be auctioned at the end of a live gameplay marathon, “after they defeat Giygas on the last day of the EarthBound Bash (around 8pm Eastern on Sunday, December 1, 2013)”

For maximum fundraising, ALL bids will be collected, not just the winning one! It’s for a good cause, and you could get a totally one-of-a-kind item.

BUY Mother 3/Earthbound, Hobonichi Techo 2014
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