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WayForward reveals new Mighty eShop game

Along with “actively pursuing” a portable Virtual Console release for GBC platformer Shantae, WayForward Technology is working on another eShop release from its Mighty series, Mighty Switch Force.

Developed by the studio’s Contra 4 team, the 3DS eShop game mixes platforming, shooting, and block-switching elements, as well as themes like “T-rexes with eye lasers, wall-eyed fishmen, jet-pack cats, popcorn explosions, belly dance transformations,  vocaloid J-Pop ballads, hottie pirates, and whipping puppies with your hair”.

Like most of the studio’s original properties, Mighty Switch Force features a female protagonist, an “artificial person” named Patricia Wagons seeking to apprehend the five Hooligan SIsters (“criminal masterminds who masquerade as ditzy girls”) while blasting their Space Hooligans with her pellet gun.

According to a Nintendo Power interview with Wayforward, the puzzles use the system’s stereoscopic 3D:

"In a simple puzzle, you might need to cross a pit that’s too wide to jump past. By using your Switch power, you can pull distant blocks closer to the screen in 3D and use them as stepping stones. However, any blocks on the playfield will retreat into the background.

That’s all pretty basic stuff. Where it gets complicated is when you have to think several steps ahead. Will the blocks underneath your feet pull away?  Will the blocks in the background zoom up and smash you? What will happen if you pull blocks out from under an enemy? Puzzles are built around these kinds of mysteries, and the interesting and unexpected outcomes.”

In other eShop news, Europe will receive Kirby’s Dream Land (Game Boy) as their Virtual Console treat this week. I don’t know what’s so special about Europe that it gets such an early notice on eShop releases…

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