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Super 3D Noah’s Ark returning to SNES ⊟

Wisdom Tree’s Super 3D Noah’s Ark is being reprinted! For SNES! If you’re not familiar with this particular unlicensed game, it’s a Wolfenstein 3D-esque (and based on Wolfenstein 3D source code, reportedly!) first-person shooter in which you, as Noah, pelt animals with fruit to put them to sleep.

The original version used a crazy pass-through system to get through Nintendo’s lockout against unlicensed software, but Wisdom Tree’s photo shows a real cart for this re-release. Good for them!

The SNES version will cost a pricey $69.99, but I just found out that you can buy all of Wisdom Tree’s stuff for PC too, for way way less. Including Spiritual Warfare, the best Christian Zelda clone you could ask for! Although PC in this case means “pre-Windows Vista computer,” just FYI.

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