Tiny Cartridge 3DS

"Super Mario Bros. Part 4" by YMCK.

This entire track cost me hella coins to purchase in PiCOPiCT's Sound System mode — most of the game’s songs are broken into several segments, with later portions priced higher than earlier scraps.

One of the YMCK tracks (there are 17 in all) costs a ridonkulous 500 coins to unlock, the equivalent of 10 playthroughs of a mid-game puzzle. Tigga, please.

You might need to turn your volume up to hear the above tune, a remix of Super Mario Bros.’s dreadful Castle theme; I’m not the most technically minded guy, so you can assume that the most ghetto of setups was used to transcribe this song’s bits onto my hard drive. Imagine a Fisher Price microphone paired with a funnel, and you will have a romanticized idea of my recording setup.

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