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Ten 3DS things you might have missed from today’s Nintendo Directs ⊟

Especially if you only watched the North American presentation, and you didn’t follow-up on all the stuff announced/revealed after the streams ended.

1. There’s a Yoshi 3DS XL system (no game included) coming out in Europe on March 14. As you can see, they did not go for our idea of making the system look like an egg, and the stylus like Yoshi’s tongue.

2. And Monster Hunter 4 will get yet another special edition Nintendo 3DS XL (based on Rajang) in Japan on March 27.

3. Inazuma Eleven (out now!) is $19.99 on the North American eShop — that’s not bad, but am I the only one a little annoyed that this came out so close to Bravely Default, another massive RPG? Anyway, it’s great to finally see this series in the U.S., starting off right with the 3DS port of the first DS game.

4. So Steel Diver: Sub Wars (out now!) is a free download, but you can purchase the full version inside the game for $9.99. Is that a first for Nintendo? Might be a sign of things to come on the eShop. This first-person shooter features local and online battles, with the free version coming with “two basic submarines, the beginning of the single-player mission mode and multiplayer features”.


5. Weapon Shop de Omasse, the Guild01 weapon shop RPG where you tap the touchscreen along with music to forge weapons (and then give them to heroes for their quests), will be priced at $7.99 when it releases to the U.S. eShop next Thursday.

6. Series creator Shu Takumi talked about a new Ace Attorney game that’s on the way and that takes the franchise in a new direction. Yay, more Ace Attorney, and Takumi is working on it!


7. That weird but awesome haggle-to-play sports store thing is coming out here for free as Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball in April. You have to pay $4 to get extra minigames beyond the initial freebie, but if you give donuts to a dog he will sell them at a discount. See what I mean by weird but awesome?

8. Nintendo posted a five-minute developer chat with Nicalis/Tyrone Rodriguez about upcoming super-hard platformer 1001 Spikes — the little I’ve played of this eShop game is REALLY good, and I hear the multiplayer version is even more fun, so it’s worth watching. Here’s a video with CommanderVideo, too!

9. There’s an Iwata Asks interview sessions for Nintendo Pocket Football Club (Calciobit), which was not announced for the U.S. It releases to the eShop in Europe on April 17. As happy as I am with all the announcements in today’s Nintendo Direct — aside from GBA games coming to Wii U’s Virtual Console but not 3DS’s — my smile isn’t quite as big as it could be, for we still have no Calciobit in North America.

10. And there’s Pokémon Battle Trozei coming out exclusively on the 3DS eShop on March 20 for $7.99. They showed this in the U.S. Nintendo Direct, but you might have missed it like me if your stream kept buffering until you finally switched to Youtube to watch it.

I’m not 100% on this, but it looks like Motherfucking Style Savvy will get a free update that adds a “dream boyfriend” mode and dating features, complete with some AR junk.


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