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Report: Amazon suspends its Cosmo Black 3DS sales over loose hinges

[Update: Amazon has removed the message from its Cosmo Black 3DS listing, and is selling the system again.

Disagreeing with earlier reports, an Amazon rep has commented that the issue was not related to the loose hinge issues or any other hardware deficiencies, and was an unspecified “inventory problem” that customers brought to the shop’s attention.]

As of yesterday, Amazon halted its sales of the Nintendo 3DS’s Cosmo Black model as it reviews the product.

You can still buy the Aqua Blue edition from Amazon, and Cosmo Black through other sellers on the online site, but the shop posted this note on the system’s listing:

"While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by Amazon.com because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it’s described here. … We’re working to fix the problem as quickly as possible."

We’ve mentioned before that a number of 3DS systems suffer from a design flaw that potentially scratches the top screen with the bottom section’s raised ridges, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue here. Amazon reportedly stopped its sales due to complaints over loose hinges.

NeoGAF forumer TheBez asked an Amazon representative about the matter and received this response:

"The reason why this is under a review :

The flip-screen is loose when its opened, please inform them that Nintendo has confirmed as long as the upper screen locks into place, the unit is within Nintendo’s design specification. Customers can call 1-800-255-3700.”

My Cosmo Black 3DS doesn’t have the issue, nor does JC’s Aqua Blue handheld that he purchased from Amazon. Have you noticed a loose hinge on your Nintendo 3DS?

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[Via TheBez, 3DS x-ray image via Kevin Collins]

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