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Guys. GUYS. Tomodachi Collection. (۞_۞)

Here’s our first look at a translated version of Tomodachi Collection: New Life, the 3DS’s inimitable life sim for your Miis, since Nintendo stealth-revealed it in the Wall Street Journal of all places last month.

According to multiple reports, Nintendo of Europe is passing around an online survey explicitly stating that the game is being localized for that market, sharing these English images (Spanish and French ones are also floating around), a video, and details about the title — check out screenshots of the survey posted by VogelImKafig here.

It looks like Nintendo is trying to get a handle on how to market this odd game, and is seeking feedback on what points to emphasize when introducing it. Ahhhhhhhh it looks like the company is already pretty far along getting this ready to release in the West.

Here’s the description Nintendo is giving for the game:

Welcome to “Tomodachi Collection” for Nintendo 3DS — a living world in your pocket, made of people you know!

"Tomodachi Collection" is unlike any videogame you have ever played, where you decide who should be part o your game. Will it be your best friends? Your parents? Your crush? Or maybe your favourite actor? You get to choose who lives in this vibrant community!

Create a Mii character or each person you want in the game. Pick a voice and personality, and watch your Mii character come to life. Sometimes they will act astonishingly close to real life, yet other times they will behave in completely unexpected ways. Regardless, you’ll find it hard not to laugh!

Take care of your Mii characters and understand their needs. You will receive many different rewards that you can spend on customising your community even further. And, as the game progresses, unique relationships will form — your Mii characters could fight over the most trivial things, become best pals, or even fall in love!

Can you imagine…

… your mum dancing to a techno song?

… your secret crush asking you out on a date?

… your favourite star becoming best friends with you?

Almost anything is possible in “Tomodachi Collection” — a vibrant world full of friends that fits in your pocket.

Just need a formal announcement now!

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