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Where will Tiny show up next? ⊟

Never in our wildest dreams (and they’re embarrassingly wild, believe me) did we expect it, but our mascot and boss Tiny has somehow made cameos in several notable video games: Etrian Odyssey IV, They Bleed Pixels, Wizorb, and most recently Mercenary Kings.

Here are two more games in which Tiny was spotted: Capy’s Super Time Force (XBLA, Xbox One) and Tikipod’s Aqua Kitty (PSM, XBLIG, PC)! Except probably not, since pretty much any blue-ish face looks like Tiny, and the resemblances here were presumably unintentional — see Scott Pilgrim and Enslaved for similarly mistaken identities.

We love seeing Tiny in games (or anything really), so let us know if you want to throw him into anything you’re working on. I think I’ll post something soon on our Patreon about Tiny’s origins… Thanks to @idrawrobots, @DevourerOfTime, and @masherofbuttons for pointing these out to us!

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